Hair Care

Did you know that after investing in a technical service such as a colour or volume treatment there are many things you can do to prolong its effect on your locks? Simply follow the links to our top hair care tips below and ensure your tresses keep looking tremendous.

For Coloured Hair

After treatment wait a couple of days before shampooing your hair and for the first few washes use an old towel to dry it, particularly with darker colours. After shampooing and conditioning treat your hair gently. Squeeze out excess water with a towel and do not rub dry.

Wait for at least two weeks before swimming in a chlorinated pool and after that, always wash your hair after swimming with a chlorine removing shampoo. Avoid exposing hair to harsh sunlight or sun beds. If you are in strong sunlight always use a barrier product that contains UV protection.

Avoid using heated appliances for a couple of days and when applying any sort of heat to the hair, use a styling aid to protect the hair. Use hair care products prescribed by your stylist. They will help minimise colour fade and ensure your hair remains healthy and in good condition.

Visit the salon regularly to maintain colour and remove any damaged ends.

For Volume Treated Hair

After initial treatment avoid washing your hair for at least two days. After shampooing and conditioning, never rub your hair vigorously, instead gently squeeze out the excess water with a towel. When combing use a wide tooth comb and never comb your hair flat or straight.

Avoid swimming in a chlorinated pool for two days. Shampoo your hair immediately after swimming with a chlorine removing shampoo. Always use a shielding product with UV protection when your hair is exposed to bright sunlight.

Use the products prescribed by your stylist to ensure your hair stays looking at its best. Make regular visits to the salon to have your style re-shaped. Removing damaged ends will help maintain volume and texture.

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